Thursday, August 04, 2011

What to eat

Use science

No,m not the science of fake foods, but the science of foods and metabiolic absorbtion. You know whole grains and who;e foods.

Pancakes are awesome, if they are made with whole grains.

Mine are made with whole wheat, some ground flexseed, blackstrap molasses, ground almonds. I top them with seasonal fruit, cooked down to a compote, with a bit of honey.

]Favorite is bueberr4y, but apple, strawberry, cherry were also great.

This is a high protein start to the day, and it is slowly metabolized.

If you want the exact recipe, e-mail me. Tasty and good for diabetics.

I gaurantee it will the best pancakes you ever had.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Beause of several health issues I need to limit my salt intake, the primary one being I'm on dialysis. My fluids are severely restricted, and eat salty foods and one drinks. A lot. You wouldn't believe how much salt is in restuarant foods.

And like sugar, plenty is hidden in those from a grocery stare.

Hot dogs are loaded with it.

Become a label reader. Some foods may scare so much that you may think you'll never eat again. Fresh foods are the better, and tastier, choice.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More food stuff

I seem to focus on food because, well much of type comes from lifestyle such as poor diet and a sedentary life.

Rather than eating substitutes, like Splenda or the pink or blue crud, I would rather do without.
It is surprising how quickly one can get udsed to coffee or teas with only milk or lemon.

Several reports discuss the dangers of artificial sweeteners, such as they cause the synapsis in the brain to fire like when getting sugar.

It's not nice to fool the body.

Tastes can change and anyone can learn to enjoy healthier food.

I make nearly all my food from scratch, yep even ice cream and Italian ice. With a minimum amount of sugar, relying on fruit instead, I can make Foods that will satisft even those with a sweet tooth.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Food for thought

and your stomach.

Just because I have diabetes, doesn't mean I can't enjoy my favorite foods.

Nothing makes me happier on a Sunday morning than sitting down to a plate of pancakes.

Not Aunt Jamima or IHOP, but my own homemade, batter from scratch fluffy golden brown beauties.

Today, I made them from whole wheat flour, then added cinnamon and apple sauce.

When they were done, rather than cover them with maple syrup or (shudder) pancake syrup which is sugar without any nutrients, they were topped with fresh apple and apple sauce heated until the apples were soft.

They were awesome, and because of the whole grain and the cinnamon they were easier on the old blood sugar.

And the apples were more nutritious than any pancake syrup.

Last week I used blueberris, softened them up by heating, smashed them a bit, and served it warm over my whole wheat pancakes. Delicious.

Nearly any recipe can be "healthied up" and often a more tasty meal can emerge.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Some sad news

The woman I told you about did pass away.

It just reinforced in me the need to stay healthy.

One thing I've added to my daily diet is fresh juice. I have a Jack Lalanne Power juicer, which can be had for 100 bucks if you shop round.

Especially for someone like me, who hates veggies and rarely eats fruit, juicing a carrot and an apple is better than paying a couple bucks for some old juice off the shelf.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Remember when I told you?

you have to care for yourself because the medical community doesn't know crap about diabetes?

Well, today I was at dialysis, and a woman came in who was unresponsive. Now this is not unusual as she often is asleep. Well they took her sugar and it was 38!
They pumped her with dextrose, and let her go back to sleep.
Dextrose has a rebound effect and unless she consumed some food or a substantial drink like a milkshake or a ensure, she was facing trouble. Well, they got her sugar up for a bit, then it crashed. Wound up she went to the hospital. If thewy would have done the right thing, she would have been fine.

Most nurses and doctors are not very knowledgeable with diabetes, so beware.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

The Holidays are hard on all of us, especially diabetics.

Almost everything at every feast or even little get togethers are carb laden.

What to do? Indulging, in my opinion is fine, but do't overindulge. Having a couple of Auntie's cookies is fine, but don't eat the whole tin.

Just don't adopt the wait 'til New Years attitude. I've been there done that and packed on plenty of extra Holiday pounds.