Saturday, June 06, 2009


Diabetics know all about substitutes. Personally, I hate most of them. That "tastes like sugar" doesn't to me. I can detect any artificial sweetener immediately, and I don't like how any of them taste. I prefer to do without than to consume something that tastes like crap.

At least Snapple is doing something I like. They have added a few new items that are better for diabetics, although they don't advertise them as such.

But, one of these products, red tea peach pomegranate flavor is billed as an all natural, low calorie anti oxident drnk.

Sweetened with fructose and fruit juice, it is about half the calorie total and sugar of most drinks. It does not have a really sweet taste, but instead is nore like a sports drink, which are not really sweet to me.

It's not perfect for diabetics (that would be water) but it is better than regular sweetened drinks, and much better (taste wise) than artificial junk.