Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

The Holidays are hard on all of us, especially diabetics.

Almost everything at every feast or even little get togethers are carb laden.

What to do? Indulging, in my opinion is fine, but do't overindulge. Having a couple of Auntie's cookies is fine, but don't eat the whole tin.

Just don't adopt the wait 'til New Years attitude. I've been there done that and packed on plenty of extra Holiday pounds.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Mmmmm, sugar

Yeah, I know, we diabetics love the stuff. And the pharmaceutical/chemical community does it best to try to satisfy our desire for sweets. Usually, they use cheap chemicals to try to imitate the taste. Personally, I can't use any because I always have the chemical aftertaste. Pink, yellow, or blue, they all are nasty. What I have done is weened myself off sugar. I drink Wendy's iced tea straght up, no sweetener.
Coffee just milk. Did you know milk has a lot of sugar? Read the label. Cereal, just milk. Oatmeal, nada.

You would be surprised how quickly your tastes change. Might have to go gradually, like add half your usual, but it will be worth it.

According to most research not sponsored by the manufacturer, artificial sweeteners are not healthy for us. Try to go natural, if you can.

Stay well.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Salad days

Not being a fan of salad, I've tried to get more raw vegetables in my diet. They are great for a diabetic, as they are low in carbs, high in nutrients. A few days ago the experiment to make a salad that didn't have to be choked down. This was for 2.

I thinly sliced a zucchini, then 3 stalks of celery. The key was to thinly slice them on a mandoline. I hate big chewy chunks. Put in some roasted garlic, grape tomatoes, and spinach. Added some cheese, dressed it with heated oil and balsamic. My intention was to wilt the spinach. Seasoned it with a little salt and pepper.

By the way I lightly added the seasoning as I layered the veggies. It was really good. Thin slices seem to make it more palatable for me. Almost any veggies would work. Any greens, too. I made it again with Romaine and it equally tasty.