Monday, February 23, 2009

An Update

Just a reminder:
I've noticed more readers have been getting involved. Any person, either diabetic or a caretaker for a diabetic, or a medical professional, is invited to write a post here.
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Also, anyone wanting to share general health tips, news, or a story is also welcomed.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My kidney stone post

This is not a paid post.

This is not a diabetic problem, per se, but as many of us have kidney troubles, I guess it fits the general catagory.

From time to time, I get kidney stones. Right now is one of those times. It is annoying as hell, and occasionally painful. All day long, I feel like I have to urinate, but can barely do it.

I started taking kidney and bladder products from Dr Schulze and it seems to be helping so far. Especially if helping means I'm peeing out lots of gravel and who knows what else. It took a couple days, and it is far from over, but at least it's a start. The company has a lot of other products, and they seem to do what he says they do. He uses organic or wild harvested products and I'm satisfied with anything I've ever used. My sister is also a big fan. Dr. Schulze is a proponent of a healthy lifestyle (yeah, like I'm going to start that now) and believes that with proper nutrition, the body can cure itself of almost any disease.

I can say that since embracing a healthier lifestyle, I am off all diabetic meds after being on them for over 20 years, so there may be something to all this.

Just wanted to let everyone know about this company and the options.

In a slightly related matter, a friend of the family was warned by the Mrs. not to use all the artificial sweeteners, etc. The woman tried to get Mrs. to come over to the dark side, and embrace Splenda, and even went so far as to call the company and ask the rep if it was safe. Here's a surprise--the company said it is perfectly safe.

Mrs. refuses to use any of that junk, and rather than drink her coffee sweetened with chemicals, she drinks it with just some naturally sweetened flavored soy milk, or regular cow juice. Yes, we can get used to it. I love sweet stuff, and nothing makes me happier than those flavored coffees that are loaded with sugar. The deli I used to go to had a machine, and I could mix a bit of chocolate, with some French Vanilla. It was heavenly. But, I now drink regular coffee exactly like the Mrs. does. We can retrain our sense of taste.

Long story short, and so I don't get sued, there is no known link, and it is simply a coincidence, but Chemical Lady now has cancer.

Not for nothing, but I'll take real food over chemical enhanced crap any day of the week.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Diabetes and Depression; a follow up

I have suggested before, based upon personal experience and many conversations with other diabetics, that a link exists between these two conditions.

I Googled, and found that very little research has been done concerning this, but here is what I have found: Numerous studies have been conducted, and plenty of anecdotal evidence indicates that sugar causes depression, so it would be pretty logical to presume that one who has excess sugar in the blood system could also suffer from depression related to sugar.

Yes, it's a stretch, and has no basis in scientific data, but my hypothesis is as good as any scientist's.

I also find the connection could be based upon the feelings that high sugar usually elicit: tiredness, crankiness, and generallly unpleasantness.

Anyone know where I can get a major grant to study this?