Thursday, August 28, 2008

Diabetic Diva and Desserts

My favorite Diabetic Diva checks in:

I've developed a bad habit and I think that it is affecting my cat as well. I like to cook, especially desserts, but I don't normally eat them for myself. I'll take them to work or give them to family or friends.

After years of being deprived of dessert because of diabetes I have started to sample my tasty treats. That, in itself, isn't a bad thing. It started out quite innocently, I would go to the refrigerator and open the door just to sneak a peek at the dessert. I never tasted it; I just looked at it. However, each time I opened the refrigerator, the cat, no matter what he was doing would come to investigate. He would look, I would look and then he would look up at me with a look that seemed to say, "What are we having?"

So, that's how it started. I would have just a small tiny piece of something scrumptious and the cat would get a bite too.

This had gone on for several months and I think was beginning to add a few extra pounds to both of us and make our sugars higher than normal. I decided that I was going to stop cooking--just the desserts and focus on something more healthier.

The cat doesn't see it this way.

Now, every time I open the fridge for anything whether it's a cold drink, a tasteless baby carrot or a stick of butter I am met with a sulking, annoyed kitty who wants to know what happened to his desserts.

His disgust is mutual, I miss the desserts too; but I don't miss my waistline which seems to be shrinking since I stopped making dessert.

Tune in next time when the Diabetic Diva will discuss something other than the yummy food that she and her cat aren't supposed to eat.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Kiss of Diabetes

Submitted my friend, Kiss.
well Diabetes is no longer a secret.
we see it daily, we here about it daily, and its everywhere.
its never ending.
with it comes many challenges.
Sad to say!
but it is Manageable~!
question is how much are we willing to change?
plus how well are we educated?
cus with this disease a simple medication will "NOT FIX"things!!
Diabetes is Stressful in the beginning but then we seem to "grow" into it.
U have to set a goal & make it happen as with anything that's new.
U will adjust & U will make it!!
Each person will see that diabetes affects them in a certain way.
none of us are alike Nor is OUR DIABETES...
what works for me... may not work for you!
Diabetes is a progressive disease it decides on it's own what's its doing if U don't manage it.
WHAT??? U might ask..... YEP U read that right.!!
Diabetes has to be monitored individually, by doing so then you know
what foods are the EVILS.
aka-- CARBS
those foods should be avoided!!
Normal blood sugars should be between
Plus Diabetics need to exercise but only do so
IF blood sugar readings are
above 80 & below 300.
Also drink plenty of Water while exercising!!!!!
by drinking water & testing your blood sugars
2 hours after every meal,
plus once every single morning.
U alone will get to know more about your Diabetes
So U control the Diabetes.... Don't let it control U!
in the long run.
U will see just how easy things will become!!!

talk to U later...... till then.......

KISS is out of here........ Muahhhhh

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Diabetic Diva returns

The latest from my favorite Diva:

I got a call from my veterinarian a few weeks ago informing me that they were discontinuing the insulin that my cat uses.


You heard me correctly, my cat is a diabetic just like I am.

My insulin costs are $120.00 for two different kinds of insulin and usually lasts about three weeks.

My cat's insulin costs $125.00 and will usually last about a month.

Those costs are just for the insulin, it doesn't include the syringes that are needed to inject the insulin subcutaneously.

I have health insurance, my cat doesn't.

There will never be a cure for diabetes, because there is so much money to be made from the poor folks who have it.

However, there is a bright side: My cat's new insulin is only going to cost $25.00 a bottle. I guess the insurance and pharmaceutical companies realized that my cat was never going to be able to pay them a dime.

Tune in next time when I discuss my favorite topic: Just desserts.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Leg wound update

Part of the problem with diabetes is that it eventually destroys circulation in the extremeties. I'm currently having an issue with my leg. Here's how it looks today. It was worse.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Guest post from the Diabetic Diva

I am happy to make a guest appearance on Crotchety's other blog, as the Diabetic Diva, almost 100% of my daily life is involved with keeping diabetes from ruining my life. I have good days and I have bad days. How I feel mainly depends on the effort that I put forth. If I eat the prescribed 1600 calorie a day diet, take the recommended 4 daily shots of insulin, take the 4 daily prescribed medications, exercise for the recommended 60 minutes a day, test my blood sugar when I wake up, 2 hours after breakfast, right before lunch, 2 hours afters lunch, right before supper, 2 hours after supper and right before I go to bed, plus, eat at the same time every day, I would probably feel great. However, in the 3650+ days that I have had diabetes, I have failed to accomplish this.

I feel like such a failure...

I bet you didn't know that diabetes was so complicated, did you?

But, that is only the beginning.

Tune in next time when I reveal other new and startling information in the everyday life of the Diabetic Diva. Please hold your applause until after I leave the stage. Until then, check out my evil stepmother at

Diabetic Diva

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Diabetic bloggers needed

Things have been going ok. I need to post more here. Any diabetics willing to share their story, please contact me. I'm love to have guest bloggers and make this site more interactive.