Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Please explain this to me

Every commercial for diabetics seems to include several different cookbooks.

Since Type 2 Diabetics are the target market, why, oh why, do they offer slightly healthier versions of the same crap diet that caused the problem in the first place?

The pictures on TV are for desserts and meals like macaroni and cheese. There is no way in hell to make these foods safe for diabetics. Nope, can't be done.
The desserts are sweetened with chemicals like Nutrasweet or Splenda, which are poison. A safe dessert for a diabetic is a piece of fruit.
If one just absolutely has to have something like cake or pie, have some, but count the carbs. And obviously, it should be on the rarest of occasions. We, as diabetics, don't need cake with our coffee every night. It's a small price to pay to maintain our health.

And as far as mac and cheese--have you ever read the ingredients and nutritional content of either?

Get back to me when you do.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Food is always an issue for diabetics

Yeah, I know, it's an issue for so many of us, but it seems to be a bigger one for diabetics. After all, most of us, if we don't count carbs, at least have to be aware of them. And too much protein wreaks havoc for those of us with kidney issues. So, I have to count carbs, and protein. Which means, all I don't count is fats, and that doesn't lead to anything good. So, basically, I spend my day counting everything.
This disease sucks.