Sunday, May 22, 2011

Food for thought

and your stomach.

Just because I have diabetes, doesn't mean I can't enjoy my favorite foods.

Nothing makes me happier on a Sunday morning than sitting down to a plate of pancakes.

Not Aunt Jamima or IHOP, but my own homemade, batter from scratch fluffy golden brown beauties.

Today, I made them from whole wheat flour, then added cinnamon and apple sauce.

When they were done, rather than cover them with maple syrup or (shudder) pancake syrup which is sugar without any nutrients, they were topped with fresh apple and apple sauce heated until the apples were soft.

They were awesome, and because of the whole grain and the cinnamon they were easier on the old blood sugar.

And the apples were more nutritious than any pancake syrup.

Last week I used blueberris, softened them up by heating, smashed them a bit, and served it warm over my whole wheat pancakes. Delicious.

Nearly any recipe can be "healthied up" and often a more tasty meal can emerge.