Thursday, June 30, 2011


Beause of several health issues I need to limit my salt intake, the primary one being I'm on dialysis. My fluids are severely restricted, and eat salty foods and one drinks. A lot. You wouldn't believe how much salt is in restuarant foods.

And like sugar, plenty is hidden in those from a grocery stare.

Hot dogs are loaded with it.

Become a label reader. Some foods may scare so much that you may think you'll never eat again. Fresh foods are the better, and tastier, choice.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More food stuff

I seem to focus on food because, well much of type comes from lifestyle such as poor diet and a sedentary life.

Rather than eating substitutes, like Splenda or the pink or blue crud, I would rather do without.
It is surprising how quickly one can get udsed to coffee or teas with only milk or lemon.

Several reports discuss the dangers of artificial sweeteners, such as they cause the synapsis in the brain to fire like when getting sugar.

It's not nice to fool the body.

Tastes can change and anyone can learn to enjoy healthier food.

I make nearly all my food from scratch, yep even ice cream and Italian ice. With a minimum amount of sugar, relying on fruit instead, I can make Foods that will satisft even those with a sweet tooth.